The Udrophrax

Albion’s elite military organization. Pronounced OO-dro-frax.


The origins of the Udrophrax date back to the 2nd Age when the leaders of the time sought to build a strong, centralized fighting force, one that they could have used in the crises of the 1st Age. The meaning of the name “Udrophrax” is cause of much debate in scholarly circles. Udrophrax historians claim it most closely resembles legion while non-military scholars argue that guard is more appropriate. The Udrophrax are the foremost keepers of Albinian tradition when it comes to the fighting arts. Albinian fighting styles, tactics, discipline and more are all traced to origins in the Udrophrax.

In modern practice

There hasn’t been need for the kind of fighting strength that this army was created for in hundreds of years. As such, most officers spend their time on pursuits like guarding ceremonies and holding tournaments with the other military organizations in Albion. However, major threats like a mad wizard’s undead hordes will get a response from the Udrophrax.

The Udrophrax

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