A Broken Hammer, A Dull Sword

Into the darkness

The Defenestrators’ torchlight knocks back the magical darkness in this ruin, revealing 2 skeleton riders atop skeletal horses, with a zombie at their vanguard. The group makes quick work of the zombie, but the riders prove difficult. The unholy speed of the horses combined with bow attacks from the skeletons proves that our adventurers cannot rely on simple tactics to defeat their foes.

By utilizing Rey’s javelins and crossbow attacks from Almorn, the party was able to fell one of the riders and force the other to a safe distance. A cleverly placed Entangle from Sikram blocked the path of the remaining rider, and kept him from staying in hit range of the party. The rider met his end once the party established a flanking position around him, and he fell to their repeated blows.

After the battle, the group took a rest to consider their surroundings. Ancient crumbling structures offer little useful information. The ruins are devoid of any items, broken or otherwise that could give a clue to the nature of this place. Exploring onward, the group reaches the only point of interest: the remains of a structure as formless as the rest, but with two lit braziers at its dilapidated entrance.

Cautiously the adventurers approach. There is no activity anywhere they can see, but there is the sound of shuffling coming from inside the structure. Sikram takes the form of a rat and probes deeper. Inside the structure he can make out the remains of stone benches and an altar, suggesting this structure used to be a temple. There is a stairwell leading underground, which appears to be the source of the noise.

He wanders around further, looking for cracks in the floor to peer through. Locating one, he can see there are more zombies and a creature he can’t identify. Sikram returns to the group to report his findings.

As they decide their next move, a group of these undead monstrosities make their way up the stairs. Our boys spring into action, getting into position for a sneak attack.

Absent from this session were Salob and Almorn’s players. We needed a 4th for combat so we kept Almorn as an NPC and left Salob in limbo.


JD picked up… I forget what, but he did it. 10 points.

Into the darkness

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