The Order

The Order of Oddgeirr, or simply The Order is the most popular philosophy in Albion after The Ethics. The Order is led by Blaise Cross.


The Order is driven by myth of a man who lived thousands of years ago, a figure known as Oddgeirr. The Order tells us that Oddgeirr was an extraordinary hero who saved ancient Albion from 3 separate world-level threats.

According to The Order, greatness flowed from his dedication to his mastery over himself and the world around him. This earned him the adoration of the ancient Albinian people which in turn gave him a well of strength he drew from.

In practice, The Order trains its members to become as Oddgeirr in order to achieve enlightenment. The beliefs are many, but they can be summarized in 3 tenets.

Build your Mastery

The Order encourages its members to become great at something. Any practical skill, trade or job will do. The satisfaction of being the master of something will fuel your journey. Having mastery in multiple disciplines is encouraged.

Believe in your comrades

As the people’s belief in Oddgeirr gave him power, so too does the belief among Order members give them strength.

Accept Oddgeirr into your heart

The story of Oddgeirr says that he lived through 3 Ages in Albinian history. There is no record of his death. The Order teaches that Oddgeirr is still alive and will return one day when the need is great. This is a source of mixed feelings for Order members. They all wish to be in the presence of The Great One, but if he were to come back that would mean that some great danger faces Albion.


Members are identifiable by a medallion gifted to them upon joining. It is engraved with the image of an arrow. The number of arrows on the medallion informs of rank in The Order (initiates having 1).


The Order has a branch in each of the Great Cities. Its headquarters is in Albany, its branch is led by Blaise Cross himself.

On The Ethics

In a recent welcoming ceremony for new initiates, Blaise Cross spoke to his disciples:

The first question from non-members I’m asked is, “what about the Ethics?” Let me put your concerns to rest. The Order is not in competition with The Ethics. They are perfectly fine for those who need them. In turn I ask, “can life not be divided into more than six pieces?” I claim it can. My time in Bloombury opened my mind to the opportunities for my life that I can achieve if I approach it differently. I’m here to share what I’ve learned with all of you.

The Order

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