Calcherth is the Great City of Albion dedicated to Tradecraft.

What goes on here.


Located in the southern half of the main continent, Calcherth stands in a prairie, bordered on the south and west by the Vobahx Forest. This feature provides it with helpful protection against invaders as well as a valuable resource for its residents. To the east is ocean, and north on The King’s Highway leads to Albany.

Not content to rely on the forest for protection, the city’s masons erected a great stone wall around it. It is the only walled city in Albion. Outside the eastern gate is the port of Calcherth, providing much needed transportation for the most coveted goods in all of Albion.


At about 20,000 this city’s population alone is reason enough to pay attention to it. The fact that it is the center of all trade skills in Albion only serves to cement its position as one of the Great Cities.

Racially, expect to see slightly more humans than dwarves. Elves and gnomes are present of course, but halflings are uncommon.


Finnegan has been mayor here for 7 years, his success coming from the respect earned as the former leader of the masons’ guild and charming personality.

Local services

Like all of the Great Cities, you will have no trouble finding a seller for any gear you might require. The best weapons and armor in Albion will be found here (perhaps except for Albany). Spells are harder to come by, but magic items will be no trouble.

The city’s blacksmiths prefer Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Inn after a day’s work.


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