Albion is the land that this campaign takes place in. Medieval Europe is a good comparison. The demonym is Albinian.

The land of Albion on is as ancient as time itself, yet the nation of same name is only a thousand years — a blink of an eye. The fallen civilizations from the past have left their mark on the land: crumbling ruins, aberrant species from a long-dead creator and magical traps not yet sprung. The names of many landmarks predate the Common tongue and have no surviving records of what they mean or where they came from.


The region occupies a few thousand square miles, so a diverse geography is to be expected.

Features of note


The land favors lone peaks rather than sprawling mountain ranges. Strangers to the land find it unsettling, as though they were constructed rather than naturally occurring. Further evidence of this is that each mountain is home to a nasty dungeon that’s existed longer than recorded history. Most of them are uninhabited save by all manner of horrible beasts. More than one pirate king has hired a crew of adventurers to clear out the upper levels for him so that he can use it as a base. Troves of pirate treasure are sure to greet bold adventurers who have the courage to seek it out.


Albion’s wetlands are the home of its more unpleasant species. These beasts thrive on the brackish water and lack of sunlight due to dense forest cover. It’s common to come down with a fever after prolonged exposure to Albion’s putrid wetlands. Most people do not venture out into the swamps without need, and when they do, they understand their lives are at risk.


Albion is structured as an absolute monarchy. Due to its size it’s difficult for Lord Alvin to rule directly, so the Great Cities unofficially govern themselves. Each of the Great Cities has a governor who is responsible for the city and the nearby towns. All cities and towns also have mayors, responsible for the day-to-day concerns of the city.

Law and order is maintained by the city guard. The city guard officially reports to the crown, but in practice a guard captain has to balance his allegiance to a remote master with the local officials.

Crime is as you might expect, and punishments range from fines, to jail time, to execution by hanging.


Climate is diverse in such a large area, but tends toward damp, overcast days. Seasons will be familiar, if differently tracked on the Albinian Calendar.


None of the gods popular in the Material Planes have any substantial following in Albion. People are finding meaning in their every day lives: work, relationships, etc. The most dominant philosophy is the one espoused by Lord Alvin himself: The Ethics


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