Albany is the Great City of Albion dedicated to Agriculture. Being nearest to Castle Albion, it is also home to the nation’s central government.



Albany stands in the most fertile soil of all of Albion. Surrounding the city are the realm’s most prosperous farms, mills and slaughterhouses. In a day’s travel you can reach the jewel of the nation and the seat of power, Castle Albion and its sovereign Lord Alvin. A week’s journey on the King’s Highway will reach Calcherth. The less prestigious southern road after a day ends in the port town of Bournemouth which controls the lion’s share of Albany’s trade.


The most populous city in the land hosts about 25,000 as of the most recent census. Unlike other Great Cities, a diverse range of races are present in Albany. More halflings reside here than in any other city (however, (city of family) has the highest percentage).


To be the governor of Albany is not as rewarding as you might think. Being a day away from the ruler of the nation keeps you from taking any serious initiative in policymaking, and the region itself is not as diverse as you’d care for. Still, anyone visiting the castle must still pass through your governance…

Local services

The country’s most savory delights and delicacies are available in Albany. Every street has at least one bakery or inn that claims to have the most exquisite meal to satisfy your hunger. If aristocratic fare is not your need, you can still obtain quality food at the best prices in the land.

Being the capital city, it’s no surprise that many skilled artisans and craftsmen make their homes here. The quality and quantity of goods here rivals those available in Calcherth, but the best deals are certain to be had further south.


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