A Broken Hammer, A Dull Sword

A Broken Hammer
The call to adventure

In-game date: 10th Ascending War +0

Almorn arrives in Calcherth looking for help from the local tradesmen. The night he arrives in town, the man most capable of assisting, the blacksmiths’ guildmaster is murdered, in a most gruesome fashion. He is survived by his son Frambard, who joins the rest of the city in disbelief that this could happen to someone so well-liked.

That morning, Sikram the druid also arrives in the city but to a far less welcoming version. The city gates are locked until the mayor gives the order. Sikram’s interest is immediately piqued when he hears of the murder. Could there be a connection to the man he seeks?

The headless blacksmiths’ guild is equally active in seeking justice for their fallen brother. It must be fate that the son of the hero Cohen is in town (joined by a strange reptile man with a penchant for intimidation). He agrees to answer their plea for help in exchange for the guild covering his expenses.

Alcohol and emotions are strong in Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Inn where the party gathers for the very first time. Mourning smiths pick a fight with the strange band. They might regret their hasty actions if they remember anything when they wake up. Salob detains one of them for questioning. Why were they looking for a fight?

Characters awarded 90 xp for the encounter.


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