Protector of life


A 5’4" half-elf western woman, she is wearing a long, green, dusty cloak. Her silver hair is unstyled and wild. Her blue eyes are passionate and lively. Age 27.

She is wearing an Order medallion.


Stoic and calm, she prefers to meditate than take action. Neutral Good


Her mother raised her in a cabin in the woods. Her parents enrolled her in a Druid school at a young age so that she could practice her martial talents.

She met Sikram a few years ago and they bonded over their common respect for the natural world. Even going so far as to fight together against those who would harm it.

Most recently, she learned of an assassin known only as Hook. She learned that his savagery is unmatched in the profession and that his scorecard extends beyond a number that a man can carry and still call himself a man. She took it upon herself to stop this monster.

She slipped up shadowing Hook and had to immediately disappear or be discovered. She lost track of him and decided to head to Albany with the hope of making some contacts.

In an effort to further her own goals, she joined up with The Order. Partly because she is open to the beliefs (never having much connection with The Ethics), and partly because she wants to make allies.


Until meeting the party, she sought to learn from and eventually defeat Hook. She is looking for help to accomplish this.


A Broken Hammer, A Dull Sword phasetwenty