A Broken Hammer, A Dull Sword

Journey to Albany

We took the loot and return the amulet to Liliana. Frambard interrogates her, but all ends well.

We travel for days, sometimes camping on the plains other times staying in an inn. Winter is beginning. Sikram and I track down a brown bear hibernating with her cubs. We leave them undisturbed.

We are in an inn, known for its special brews. Salob and I take two with us to travel. It is said this drink is best before your final battle, that one will face fully his life and death and not be found wanting. The gnomes continue to be odd. Deceiving those when they can, and keeping to themselves otherwise. Sikram has been quiet since the bear spotting, spending most of his time in wolf form. There are stories of undead attacking villages in parts of this land, but for now our quest lies elsewhere. We’re hoping to pick up the trail of the hooked man once we get into Albany.

We make it into Albany. Another gruesome death like Frambard’s father has been reported. We talk to some guards while Sikram waits outside. When we return he is with another elf. she takes her leave as the rest of us arrived, looking as if she’s seen a great fear. We head toward an old pirate’s house.

I do not know if Almorn is insane or partially damaged. As we talk with the old pirate Gargan he attempts to steal from right in front of him. Salob settles the situation and we get more information about our murderer: Hook.

Today we head to Bournemouth to talk with Yannich.



[The local regular can’t let the generosity go unanswered – “Next round’s on me!”. He extends his hand to the mysterious stranger – “Name’s Talin, by the way”]

Journey to Albany

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