A Broken Hammer, A Dull Sword

Into the tunnels

In-game date: 10th Ascending War +0

The party has identified a prime suspect for the murder of Christopher – a hook-handed man who seems to have skipped town on a ship headed for Albany. Since the city is on lockdown until the mystery is resolved, another avenue of exit is necessary. One of Salob’s contacts, a smuggler named Liliana, offers a solution…

The party meets Liliana at a local tavern, The Pleasant Beaver. She agrees to share a secret passage, in exchange for assistance retrieving a stolen family heirloom from nearby Kobolds. There are ancient unused corridors which pass underneath the city walls. However, besides their obscurity, the passageways remain unused due to the dangers they contain – monsters that, from description, the party believes are were-rats.

To prepare for the journey, the party makes its way to one of the many local armories – The Obsidian Armorer. The most effective weapon against were-rats, and were-beasts of any kind, is a silvered one. The shopkeeper offers to silver weapons for 90GP apiece. Salob and Reyacrogan spend their advance, along with the contents of Frambard’s father’s chest, and the barbarian and warrior leave the shop with swords primed for rat-killing. They briefly consider a chest-bump, but hold off.

Preparations complete, the party makes its way to the tunnels. Down a flight of stairs, and the light from the outside dims, and so the party’s torches are lit. The corridors are crealrly unused, covered in a layer of dust, and littered with rat droppings – some too large to be from mere rats. On opening the first door, the party finds a blood-soaked floor – and a nest of vicious rats attacks!

Reyacrogan is caught a bit off-guard, and his recently silvered sword connects more with the stone floor than with any rodent. The pests are quickly dispatched, however.

After the battle, Sikram runs off to open another door on his own, heedless of the dangers that may lie beyond. Fortunately, the elf was too physically frail to actually accomplish something so simple as opening a door.

Passing into the room beyond the rats’ nest, the party finds some sort of box – and rats pouring in through the walls! Rats swarm Salob’s scaly ankles, and he falls to the ground. Fortunately, Frambard is able to rouse him. Almorn attempts to pulverize a rat in one of the wall-holes with his quarterstaff, but the rat dodges, runs up the staff, and bites him in the neck. Almorn grapples the disgusting creature, and throws it on the ground.

On closer inspection, the box is an elegant coffin – albiet an empty one, which crumbles under Frambard’s hands. Sikram gathers rat corpses, and plugs up the wall-holes using said corpses. The party prepares to rest and recover…



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