A Broken Hammer, A Dull Sword

In and out of jail

Is the party responsible enough to own a bear?

19th of Ascending War

Yannich does not seem to be very cooperative with our investigation. His boys lock the doors and roll initiative! Like that scene in Gangs of New York except they roll some dice.

The encounter itself ends fairly quickly. Bear-sikram kills a minimum-wage worker. Yannich is bloodied, and attempts an escape, but is stopped by Frambard’s sleep-inducing lullaby.

More workers come in through the door.

Salob holds his sword over Yannich – “Come any closer and he gets it!”.

The workers congregate in a corner, and we wake Yannich. We learn that Hook is an assassin, and is renting a storage unit near the warehouse. Hook is currently meeting with dignitaries in the Order: Elizabeth and Abraham Zinna. Reya takes the key to the storage unit.

Salob and Reya talk to the nightwatch commander, updating him on the party’s progress. “How have you made so much progress so far?”. “We talked to accomplices, such as Yannich”. “There might be an incident soon, relating to this murder”. “Yannich is well connected. I can’t offer much help at the moment”.

Back at the inn: Almorn, Sikram, and Frambard rent two rooms. One under the name Frambard, and one under an assumed name. In Frambard’s room, Almorn props up some pillows beneath the bed covers, in the shape of a sleeping figure. Sikram adds a stench to the pillows, to add to the illusion. A crude alarm system is fashioned, consisting of twine, a bucket, and metal objects.

Almorn makes a show of carousing, and being drunk, and heads up to sleep it off.

Nothing happens.

20th of Ascending War

We are arrested in the Inn for the murder of the warehouse worker. An hour is spent with no way out. Seems as if the day is lost, along with 5gp each.

21st of Ascending War

Salob gracefully handles the situation with the guard on morning watch. The guards allow the party to cooperate with the investigation, with some restrictions. Everyone has location-tracking marks applied, which allows the guards to scry our location. Sikram has a geas applied: another murder will have dire consequences.

We go to the storage unit and find:

- A kill order for Harper Riley, mentioning Yannich.
- A kill order for Cristopher, signed by Craig (leader of the order)
- 1700 copper, 1200 silver, 80 gold, engraved gold ring, small mirror in painted wooden frame, black velvet mask stitched with silver thread, pair of engraved bone dice. Three potions of unknown consequence.

Almorn makes two copies of the letters. Frambard takes the original documents. We leave the rest.

Sikram reunites with Melisande, and Melisande reunites with Rey? Sikram says too much to Melisande, but she has been very helpful, so she comes along. Perhaps she s the key to infiltrating the Order.

We visit Gargan, but Almorn stays at an inn, to avoid any trouble with Gargan.

We learn from Gargan that Elizabeth and Abraham Zinna report directly to Blaise Cross, leader of the Order. It would not be wise to directly confront any of these people. They are far too powerful.

We attempt to form a plan but come up empty. Where are we going next?


[Feeling that generosity is contagious, and to not be outdone, another round is ordered. “Call me Frambot”.]

In and out of jail

nice +1

In and out of jail

Sikram is under the effect of the geas spell.

In and out of jail

Sikram’s geas was precisely:

“You must not kill anyone.”

In and out of jail

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